How to Grow Your Company Using Strategic Funding and Smart Developmental Options, Lower Costs and Maximize Cash Flow     

The Lafaynet Business Initiative began as a simple idea during the recent recession for just one reason:  to promote the growth of American business.  

Using time tested, proven methods and strategies, savvy business owners know the value of the programs offered here, which are supported by some of the best and brightest "get-it-done" experts in their field.  Our clients are small to mid-sized companies nationwide, each of singular importance to commerce and community.  

If you are one of these, we invite you to have a look at your next business solution. In fact, we encourage you to do so.  For the sake of cash flow.

  • Funding - Receivables or assets, factor or finance, choose the right fit for your particular need.  These programs are quite flexible in use, and are custom built just for you.
  • Recoveries - Whether delinquent debt collection or telecom/utility overcharges, you don't have to settle for the loss.  Professional debt collectors and specialized utility auditors are at your service.
  • Liquidations - Distressed businesses, financial paper, buyers are interested in what you have to offer in return for top-dollar lump-sum cash, and the Wanted To Buy list may surprise you.
  • Development - Websites, direct mail or internet marketing, there are ways upon ways to get your message out.  Free consultation, multiple packages, custom design, data options and more available.
  • Import-Export - If your business involves international trade, you know that there are usually risks involved.  This program is all-inclusive from credit to logistics and beyond.

We constantly evaluate new avenues for business growth and will be expanding such programs as time goes on.  Meanwhile, site updates and improvements are in the works, stay tuned!